Some Important fact Of Canon camera

How many Canon camera models are there?

There are Almost 200 cameras with the Canon .

Is Canon camera a DSLR?

The EOS line is still in production as Canon’s current digital SLR (DSLR) range, and, with the 2012 introduction of the Canon EOS M, Canon’s mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera (MILC) system.

Canon list of cameras =

  • Entry level cameras
    • EOS 300D/Digital Rebel/Kiss Digital (discontinued)
    • EOS 350D/Digital Rebel XT/Kiss Digital N (discontinued)
    • EOS 400D/Digital Rebel XTi/Kiss Digital X (discontinued)
    • EOS 450D/Rebel XSi/Kiss X2 (discontinued)
    • EOS 500D/Rebel T1i/Kiss X3 (discontinued)
    • EOS 550D/Rebel T2i/Kiss X4 (discontinued)
    • EOS 600D/Rebel T3i/Kiss X5 (discontinued)
    • EOS 650D/Rebel T4i/Kiss X6i (discontinued)
    • EOS 700D/Rebel T5i/Kiss X7i (discontinued)
    • EOS 750D/Rebel T6i/Kiss X8i
    • EOS 760D/Rebel T6s/8000D
    • EOS 800D/Rebel T7i/Kiss X9i
    • EOS 850D/Rebel T8i/Kiss X10i
    • EOS 100D/Rebel SL1/Kiss X7 (discontinued)
    • EOS 200D/Rebel SL2/Kiss X9
    • EOS 250D/Rebel SL3/Kiss X10
    • EOS 1000D/Rebel XS/Kiss F (discontinued)
    • EOS 1100D/Rebel T3/Kiss X50 (discontinued)
    • EOS 1200D/Rebel T5/Kiss X70 (discontinued)
    • EOS 1300D/Rebel T6/Kiss X80 (discontinued)
    • EOS 1500D/EOS 2000D/Rebel T7/Kiss X90
    • EOS 3000D/EOS 4000D/Rebel T100
  • Premium cameras
    • APS-C sensor
      • EOS 7D (discontinued)
      • EOS 7D Mark II
    • Full-frame sensor
      • EOS 5D (discontinued)
      • EOS 5D Mark II (discontinued)
      • EOS 5D Mark III (discontinued)
      • EOS 5D Mark IV
      • EOS 5Ds
      • EOS 5Ds R
      • EOS 6D (discontinued)
      • EOS 6D Mark II

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